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Chiropractic & ART Care at Mederi Health

Targeted Pain Therapy and Rehabilitation Services

If you have been feeling unusually stiff or increasing amounts of joint pain, you might be suffering from a soft tissue condition that we can help correct. At Mederi Health, we are certified practitioners of chiropractic ART - or, Active Release Treatment. ART is also an ideal treatment for athletes, particularly those suffering from sports inflicted muscle imbalances.

ART is proven effective treatment for many conditions, including:

Jaw, Foot & Shoulder Pain

Do you experience pain when you chew? When you walk? When you carry your groceries? If you have trouble completing even these most basic of tasks, chances are you are suffering from a muscle imbalance. The good news is that we can correct the imbalance, and you can return to these essential tasks without the constant, lingering pain to which you have grown accustomed.

Does it hurt?

You will not feel pain in the traditional way we often think of pain–it's a positive kind of discomfort, similar to that which you would feel during a deep tissue massage. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may require multiple treatments over a stretch of a few weeks. This is because we are intent on addressing the root of your problem, not merely placing a "band-aid" over a deeper issue.

We want to ensure full healing. Therefore, we will likely recommend multiple treatments–often averaging around five visits. During your 15-20 minute session, you may feel discomfort as we manipulate muscle, tendon, and tissue to realign and bring balance back into your body. We are professionally trained and we stay up to date on the latest in ART developments, to make sure you are receiving the highest caliber of care possible in this field.

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