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Read Our Financial Policy

We do not accept or bill health insurance. Patients often ask why we do not accept insurance, and although we do understand that some patients prefer to use their insurance to cover health expenses, we have made the decision to not bill insurance so that we may provide the most appropriate and individualized care for our patients.

Insurance companies are invested in the conventional model of medicine, relying heavily on prescription drugs or surgical intervention. When a practitioner agrees to bill insurance directly, the insurance company dictates what services they will and will not provide, the costs associated with those services, and the amount of time spent with patients.

Typically, insurance companies find preventative and wellness services to be above and beyond the “standard of care.” Insurance companies may offer a limited amount of covered wellness services, but they fail to allow for the most up-to-date clinical research. Often, it takes many years for clinical research to have become the “standard of care” and for some advances, it can take even longer. The practice of washing your hands in the mid-1800s took decades until it was fully accepted in the medical profession!

Mederi Health is committed to the functional medicine model that addresses the treatment of the underlying causes of disease or illness through dietary and lifestyle changes and applies the most recent advances in scientific research.

Mederi Health Is Your Westminster, CO Resource for Full Body Wellness