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Read What Some of Our Patients Are Saying About Us!

At Mederi Health we pride ourselves on our superb service and on treating patients with respect. We also value your feedback and comments. We encourage you to check out what our clients have said about us and perhaps take a moment to review us online as well. Please read some of our reviews below, or watch some of our real-life patient success stories from Mederi patients below. Then visit one of the links below to leave your comments or email your comments to us here.

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Dr. Holden is awesome, she has helped me immensely getting my health back on track. After years of going to one doctor after another only to be told I need to be on anti-depressants and there was nothing else they could do with my autoimmune disease. Now, I have turned everything around with proper diet changes, supplements, and proper dosage of my medication for my thyroid. Dr. Holden gives wonderful direction and tools to improve your health, her staff is also very attentive and organized.

Alexandra A.

I have never experiences results like this; I cannot thank Mederi Health enough for changing my life!

Ella B.

When I began going to Mederi Health, I didn’t know if I was going to live, and wasn’t sure I wanted to. Three Traumatic Brain Injuries, one brain surgery for an aneurysm, and one life-threatening infection in six years had taken a toll on my usual optimism about life. I kept hearing “Oh, you know, it takes a long time to recover from TBIs” or “You’re not a spring chicken anymore. These are probably just age-related problems.”Dr. Holden soon diagnosed severe problems with my entire endocrine system and I began a regimen of supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes. Dr. Endriss discovered the basis for my balance problems and taught me exercises to regain control of my body’s movement. These exercises were specific and unique for MY body! It didn’t happen overnight—it took about a year, but I feel dramatically improved. I appreciate the way Dr. Holden and Dr. Endriss collaborated on my problems, and they are fun to work with! Without reservation, I recommend Mederi Health Clinic.

Doris S.

In 6 months I’ve lost 35 pounds, I’m sleeping better, and I have my energy back!

Bobby G.

At Mederi Health I have found a doctor and a team who puts the patients first. I feel like I have my body back, and what a great feeling it is!

Kerri G.

I have been a Mederi Health patient for 9 months now. They have helped me change my eating habits, and I can feel a big difference in the way I feel. I have lost close to 70 lbs! I have so much more energy. Thank you for giving me my life back!

Tammy H.

After several years of being on thyroid medication but still not feeling even close to normal; that compiled with not being heard by my doctor, I realized there had to be other answers available. Dr. Holden appeared on a morning TV show explaining why many of us were still having symptoms. After only a few months of working with Dr. Holden several of my symptoms were under control and I was feeling so much better. Mederi Health’s step-by-step integrative process made absolute sense to me and was very achievable for anyone; it prepared me to be an active participant in my own health direction.

Carrie T.

I have been able to manage hot flashes-nearly eliminated-with a wonderful supplement with no chemical compounds resulting in zero mood swings. My husband and I are both happy about that!I also lost 17 pounds in 21 days on the HCG program. My family doctor has cut my blood pressure medication dosage in half. I have the energy and (now) the desire to walk every day on the treadmill that has been in my basement for years! Dr. Lisa Holden has been my lifeline for over a year. She listens…really listens to your concerns and symptoms and then immediately begins looking for answers.While other physicians told me nothing was wrong, Dr. Holden immediately order a deeper level of tests on my thyroid and found the source of the problem within weeks. A physician who personally calls to do follow up is hard to find. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing adrenal problems. Thank You Dr. Holden!

Sheila B

Dr. Holden is smart and thoughtful. She pays attention to what you say to her. She cares about her patients, she gives you options, talks to you about what fits into your lifestyle, and she actually wants you to get well! If you have trouble, she makes herself available to you – telephone, e-mail, or visit. Everyone here has a vested interest in your well being. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air for a doctor’s office?!!!It might seem like a leap of faith, but I can tell you from personal experience, it will be the smartest move you ever make for yourself! Do yourself a huge favor, let her help you.

Pat P.

Great chiropractor! He works with the function and movement of the body. Gives instructions on movements and exercises to patients, to help themselves correct their own body functional movements.


I have been a patient at Mederi Health for the past year, in the care of Dr. Lisa Holden. I have received the highest quality of care that has helped me to achieve a healthier lifestyle. I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight, get off pharmaceutical medications, and have learned so much from Dr. Holden. I have greater energy, and feel more confident about me overall health. I am truly grateful to have made the choice to seek out alternative medicine. Finding Mederi Health Center has been a godsend!

Kim W.

A friend had referred me to Dr. Holden, and I am very glad I followed up on the recommendation. Through a change in my diet and specific supplements Dr. Holden told me I could be feeling 30-40% better in about one month. It definitely happened! I’m now at about two months into the changes I am feeling 70-80% better!! I am very grateful……and just loving the Saturday hours.

Laura R.

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Loved meeting Dr. Lisa and talking with her about my health and the journey I want to take as I approach menopause. She listened to my concerns and helped me approach the process as naturally as possible. I enjoyed getting more information on what to expect and options on how I can stay on a healthy & natural path.

Kirsten G.

Dr. Holden has been great in working with me on my gut health. The office very inviting and Dr. Holden is very responsive and is great at suggesting additional information or resources as needed.

JoAnna D.

Dr. Holden and her staff have changed my life for the better over the past 6 plus years. Health is truly a journey and Dr. Holden is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, kind, encouraging and she thinks outside the box. It has been the best health decision I have ever made. I feel the best I have felt in 15 years. Grateful to have found Mederi Health!

Jennifer Z.

I am so glad I found Dr. Holden. Dr. Holden and the staff are kind, caring, responsive, and truly focus on helping you. They have helped me to feel better, they have spent a lot of time getting to know me, and they have never been pushy in trying to get me to do additional things. I would highly recommend them!
They truly focus on you as a whole person. Thank you!

Meghan W.

Dr. Holden takes a whole body approach to health and wellness and cares about making sure your body functions at its optimal capacity. She recommends testing throughout your treatment, lifestyle changes, natural supplements that are actually absorbed, and, if necessary, prescription medication to keep you on track. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend anyone to her who is struggling with complex health and wellness concerns.

Melissa S.

Working with Dr. Holden was a great decision. She brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to her clients and I felt heard when I brought my concerns to her. She weaves wisdom of western and eastern medicine to support you along your healing journey. I learned so much about nutrition and making better choices which serve me to this day. I highly recommend Mederi!

Lauren K.

Dr. Holden is a plethora of knowledge when it comes to health issues and well-being. I appreciate the time she takes with me to fully explain anything and everything I need to know, plus some. I look forward to working more with her, and I recommend anyone who is looking for a full-body approach to reach out to Mederi Health.

Audrey W.

Dr. Holden is amazing, I wish all doctors were like her! She takes time to actually talk to you and get to know your needs and what issues you are having. After working with her for a few years I can honestly say she changed my life for the better. I would recommend this practice to anyone who wants a whole body approach that finds underlying issues and isn't satisfied with a PCP just saying, "We can give you a pill for that symptom."

Liz C.

Dr. Holden and her staff are very skilled at helping people get to the root cause of what is going on with their health. Most doctors won't help unless you are practically dying but Dr. Holden treats her patients with respect, listens, and will do what it takes to help them. Overall, my experience has been a positive one with this office.

Mary M.

Very nice, great care all around. One of the best Chiropractors I’ve gone to.


Wow!!! I feel so much better after my adjustment and the Dr. is amazing. He doesn’t just adjust your spine he helps you figure out why your hurting.


The entire staff at Mederi Health is amazing! Dr. Holden is so thorough and wonderful. She actually listens to you and does a full review before recommending any treatment. Finding a natural way to deal with autoimmune and hormonal issues is very important to me; she looks for ways to correct the problems rather than covering them up with medication that do more harm than good. Dr. Endriss is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever been to. No quick adjustment and you’re on your way; he spends the time adjusting and stretching your body to actually fix the problem long term. Having Dr. Holden and Dr. Endriss in the same office has done wonders for my fibromyalgia symptoms. I’ve spent years suffering and trying to find the right doctors to really listen and understand that I don’t want to cover up my pain with meds; I want to feel better without meds. Knowing I will enter my 40’s healthier than I started my 30’s gives me a sense of relief I haven’t had in a long time. I have recommended Mederi Health to anyone and everyone that will listen. They have changed my life!

Taunya C.

I have been seeing Dr. Lisa Holden for over a year and a half. She is very knowledgable and follows her own advise, walks the walk. She has helped me identify food intolerances, loose weight and eat better. She is a kind, understanding and easy to talk to, and she really cares about her patients. Her help and encouragement has changed my life.
I have also had numerous adjustments from Dr. Paul Endriss. He uses a different technique than I had been used to and I like it. He is personable and actually listens which is so important and rather uncommon.
I would highly recommend Mederi Health for your health and wellness.

Joan T.

Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Holden and her staff! When I first saw Dr. Holden back in July 2015, I was nearly 100lbs overweight and suffering from chronic fatigue and migraines. I have lost nearly 50lbs and have completely changed my diet and the way I look at food. Dr. Holden works tirelessly to help her patients live a healthier life, and even though we haven’t quite figured out the headaches yet, she doesn’t give up! She is compassionate and truly invested in her patients’ health and well-being. Best experience I’ve ever had with a doctor by far!

Celeste V.

I have been a patient at Mederi Health for close to 5 years and I feel so much better and live a better quality of life because of the direction I received from Dr. Holden. She is very thorough, is easy to communicate with and always available. She takes time to listen and gives you workable solutions and lifestyle changes. I enjoy working with Kate in the front office, I always feel welcome and have enjoyed getting to know them.

Sandi A.

Dr. Lisa is so very helpful in all aspects of health-no pressure. Not judgmental, just honest and accommodating. Dr. Endriss was the same with education and adjustments. Very good team.

Kathy H.

Where to start… Finding a natural way to deal with hormonal & food issues is very important to myself & husband. Dr. Lisa Holden looks for ways to correct the problems through natural medicine rather than covering them up with medication that do more harm than good. She can look at blood work, hormone results, and other medical reports and explain them using “common english” (not doctor language!) without making any of her patients feel stupid for not knowing and understanding the initial information. That’s a mouth full right there!!!
A bit of history: Traditional doctors just wanted to push prescription drugs for hormone issues, migraines, getting sick at least once a day for almost 2 years, etc. After being prescribed drugs for depression/anxiety, those not working, then changing to a new brand drug which was more expensive and them not working, a $400/month habit, I looked at my husband and we both said this is not the way! My husband & I did research, asked around and was referred to Dr. Lisa Holden of Mederi Health. Not only was she getting me, but she also got our daughter who suffers from chronic migraines. We did our initial meeting, felt comfortable with her and ordered our first round of blood / urine tests. As we went through the process of changing diet, our bodies & mental state were noticing a difference. I personally was not throwing up anymore… The elimination of foods really helped. As Dr. Holden was teaching us about what different foods did to your body, it amazed me. On top of finding out my body had slowed down or stopped making certain hormones… starting hormone replacement has been wonderful… don’t get me wrong there were days I wanted to quit with all the food change as it affects the mental piece, I pushed through. Dr. Holden was there every minute! I could text or call her at anytime and she was there! My regular doctor would not have and had never given this type of bedside manner! She held you accountable through every step to ensure results.

During this process I also there my back out for the 1st time ever, I saw Dr. Paul Endriss helped me with my back through amazing explanation of what & how a thrown back looks like, how to heal it and also explain in common english! I’ve been a member of “The Joint” for several years, I cancelled that and will always use Dr. Endriss!

Anyone looking for an amazing office of incredible advice and people who ‘really’ care for your health, look no further!

Aimee O.

Mederi Health came as a recommendation from a family member who has seen tremendous changes in her health because of Dr. Holden. I have also seen drastic changes in my health, improved lifestyle and a greater ability to enjoy life. Dr. Holden is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of health and wellness and tailors each health plan to the individuals needs and desires. She makes herself accessible to her patients, which is something I have never before experienced but have come to love and appreciate! Because of my experience here, I am now paying it forward to help others just like someone helped me. Best money and time ever spent!

Michelle P.

Mederi Health Is Your Westminster, CO Resource for Full Body Wellness